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Altai has developed a type of cheese with ingredients from maral antlers

28.11.2022 ТАСС 106 просмотров

The products are planned to be presented in 2023.

Scientists of the Altai Scientific Center of Agrobiotechnologies have developed a type of soft cheese and a fermented milk drink using raw materials from maral antlers. It is planned to present the products in 2023, Deputy director of the Center for Scientific Work Andrey Ziborov told TASS.

"Currently, cheese has been developed, which contains the raw materials of antler products. This is a kind of soft cheese with ingredients from maral antlers. In addition to cheese, we have also developed a fermented milk drink with such ingredients. This is a completely new product, which is enriched with trace elements contained in antler raw materials, hydrolysate, extract from the antlers of these animals. We will present the product in 2023," the agency interlocutor said.

He noted that work is currently underway to obtain patents for these developments, but prototypes can already be tasted. The manufacturing technology of these products is also fully ready. From 2023, it will be offered for production.

Ziborov clarified that before that, cheese and dairy products were not made in Altai using raw materials from maral antlers. At the same time, it has a restorative, tonic, hypotonic effect.

The total number of marals in the farms of the Altai Territory is 33 thousand animals. The products of maral farms are actively used in the production of biopharmaceutical products, tourism. Antler baths are popular in Altai for the treatment and recovery of the body.

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