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A snow leopard conservation center will appear in Altai

29.11.2022 ТАСС 136 просмотров

It will be located on an area of 9 thousand hectares.

The Center for the conservation, breeding and rehabilitation of snow leopards in the Altai Republic will be opened in the region in 2023. It will be located on an area of 9 thousand hectares, the head of the region Oleg Khorokhordin told TASS as part of the XVIII Forum of Interregional Cooperation between Russia and Kazakhstan, which is being held in Orenburg.

"We are creating the center together with the Kazan Research Institute and the Russian Academy of Sciences. Formally, it has already been created, now it will have to be built and equipped. I think it will be opened in 2023," Oleg Khorokhordin said, without specifying in which month it will happen.

However, he noted that an area of more than 9 thousand hectares in the Mayminsky district has been allocated for the placement of the center.

A year ago, Oleg Khorokhordin announced the creation of a Center for the Conservation of the snow leopard to increase the effectiveness of the protection of this red-book predator. The work is carried out within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Republic of Altai and Tatarstan. A research center dealing with leopards is already operating in Tatarstan, and a center for the conservation, breeding and rehabilitation of these animals will be created in Altai.

Leopards remain one of the most poorly studied animals in the world. The exact number of snow leopards is still unknown - according to WWF, from 4 thousand to 6 thousand individuals live on the planet, and 2% of the world population remains in Russia. Of about 90 snow leopard individuals living in Russia, about half live in the highlands of the Altai Republic.

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