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Myanmar tops global philanthropy rankings

05.09.2017 164 просмотров

Myanmar, as in previous years, topped the world ranking of philanthropy, according to "

The second place was taken by Indonesia, the third place went to Kenya, and the third place was taken by New Zealand.

It follows from the document that in Russia the number of citizens who participate in charitable activities has increased.

< p>   moved up two lines — so 126 places on 124. At the same time, 17% percent of Russians said that they made monetary donations in the past month (the month preceding the survey —  IF), while    reported about it     said in the message.

The rating is based on Gallup research. Surveyed 146 000 people in 139 states. The place of the country depends on the average value of three indicators: monetary donations to charitable organizations; work as a volunteer; helping a stranger in need.

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