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Myanmar receives aid from China

18.07.2021 50 просмотров

China has delivered 3,000 tons of liquid oxygen to Myanmar to fight the coronavirus.

At least 3,000 tons of liquid oxygen have been delivered to Myanmar from China to fight the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced on Saturday by the Chinese Embassy in that country.

According to it, liquid oxygen was purchased from China by a Myanmar public charity organization and delivered to Mandalay through the China-Myanmar border checkpoint. In addition, oxygen concentrators and ventilators were brought to the country. All these funds will be used to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Myanmar, which has recently worsened.

“The need for liquid oxygen and other supplies is urgent,” Chinese diplomats wrote in a Facebook post. “Although the border checkpoints of China and Myanmar are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, and all the personnel of the Chinese checkpoint are at home, the Chinese Embassy has coordinated to ensure the smooth delivery of anti-pandemic supplies.” Meanwhile, representatives of the diplomatic mission are working to provide residents of the country with “a large number of anti-pandemic supplies donated by China and purchased by Myanmar.”

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