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Myanmar officially approves the use of "Sputnik V"

06.02.2021 45 просмотров

The Sputnik V vaccine is registered in Myanmar.

The Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V has been registered in Myanmar, according to the drug's Twitter account.

"Myanmar has become the 21st country to register Sputnik V," the report says.

As the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) told journalists, the registration was carried out as part of an accelerated procedure without additional clinical trials in the state. “Myanmar became the first country in Southeast Asia to officially approve the use of Sputnik V, one of the most effective and safe coronavirus vaccines in the world. The number of countries in the region that have registered the vaccine will increase in the future, as we see a high demand for the drug and are ready to help partners protect the health of citizens,” RDIF Head Kirill Dmitriev was quoted in the message.
< br> Earlier on Saturday, a Russian military-diplomatic source told reporters in Moscow that "the decision to register the Russian drug under the accelerated procedure was taken by the Acting Head of State, Senior General Min Aung Hlein." According to him, the first batch of vaccine from the Russian Federation was delivered to Myanmar in January for registration activities.

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