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Myanmar began vaccination of the population against coronavirus

27.01.2021 48 просмотров

Medical staff in Yangon have already been vaccinated with the Western vaccine.

In Myanmar's capital, Yangon, medical staff received an AstraZeneca vaccine against the coronavirus on January 27. This state is unable to produce its own vaccine. The drug was delivered to the country from India and provided as part of a humanitarian action in the amount of one and a half million syringe tubes.


Von Min Hunt, volunteer, Aya Hospital, Yangon:

"We met our obligations because we were one of the first countries in Southeast Asia to receive this vaccine. I was one of the first batch of personnel to receive the vaccine. So it's great that we did not miss the situation."


Hunt Ko Ko, medic, Yangon:

"The pandemic-related crisis began about years ago. And we are all tired of this long struggle. So we believe that the vaccine will help and we really hope so."


Tun Myint, Deputy Director of the Yangon City Health Department:

"We cannot financially participate in the production vaccines. Therefore, our country is not considered as a priority by companies producing this drug against SARS CoV-2. And despite the fact that our state was actually left to itself in the fight against coronavirus, we still received a vaccine among the first three countries in the region, thanks to the efforts of our leader Aung San Suu Kyi."


Myanmar managed to cope with the first wave of the pandemic, but suffered from the second wave. In total, a little more than 3 thousand people died from the virus in the country. The population of Myanmar is 53 million 370 thousand people.


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