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Muslims of Moscow gathered at the Cathedral Mosque on Eid al-Adha

02.09.2017 184 просмотров

Among the people who came to the Moscow Cathedral Mosque to meet Eid al-Adha are the spouses Nazima Zakirova and Akhat Khikmatulin. They congratulated all believers on the holiday.

"Religions are different, but, as the elders say, God is one — Reminds me of Nazim Zakirov. — Everyone has their own way. Purpose — this is life, this is friendship between peoples. In Soviet times, we did not ask what nationality you were. We were friends and we want this friendship to continue now. We have nothing to share. It is necessary that there be a common table, that there be beautiful kind faces and eyes".

"We were four brothers-in-law — Ukrainian, Latvian, Mordvin and I, Tatar. We were all friends", — recalls the war years Akhat Khikmatulin, who turned 91.

"Eid al-Adha — a very big holiday for all Muslims. We want the most important — peaceful sky. If there is peace, there will be  friendship, it is interconnected, on tables — bread, in sky — sun, in life — fun. We wish everyone good health, happiness, so that everyone would be friends and sit down at round table  — wished Nazima Zakirova.

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