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Museums in Israel open for future tourists

05.12.2020 61 просмотров

Positive trends in the recovery of tourism continue: Israel's museums have reopened their doors to visitors.

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts, the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa are among the few museums that have been allowed to reopen from December 1, after more than two months after closing due to COVID-19 restrictions. The discovery is part of a government pilot program. All museum visitors are required to purchase tickets online. Entry is limited.


“So far, entry into the country is closed to a wide range of tourists. To find out who can enter Israel and what are the temporary entry rules, visit Department of Population and Immigration< /a>. Nevertheless, we are already seeing a positive trend, which, I am sure, can be maintained thanks to new sanitary measures, new technologies and the upcoming vaccination. We expect Israel to be reopened to international tourism in 2021."



The Israel Museum in Jerusalem


The Israel Museum  is one of the leading museums of archeology and art in the world. It has an extensive encyclopedic collection ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary art. Click here  to watch the opening video.


Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts


Tel Aviv Museum of Fine Arts considered one of the largest and the most important art museums in Israel. Its exhibition features Israeli art, contemporary art, photographs, drawings, graphics and more.


Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space in Haifa


Museum is an educational complex for schoolchildren and students. It contains an impressive collection of scientific instruments and equipment.


Both permanent and temporary exhibitions are available to visitors: the museum annually hosts various exhibitions from all over the world.


Eretz Israel Museum


The museum has a large exposition of archaeological, anthropological and historical artifacts collected in thematic exhibition pavilions: artifacts made of copper, glass, and ceramics. There is also a planetarium on site.


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