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Motorcade of Kim Jong-un caused traffic jams in Hanoi

26.02.2019 81 просмотров

Traffic jams are caused by numerous road closures to ensure the safety of the DPRK leader.

For the unhindered passage of Kim Jong-un's motorcade, which has more than a dozen cars, highways in some areas are blocked in the city. In order to somehow unload the traffic, up to a thousand patrolmen and vigilantes were mobilized on the streets, according to TASS. However, this does not fundamentally change the situation. 
Kim Jong-un
will arrive or arrive at the Vietnam summit

Except In addition, from February 25 to March 1, sightseeing buses run free of charge in Hanoi. This also complicates the traffic situation. The general security measures in the Melia Hanoi area have also been strengthened. It was in it that the North Korean leader stayed. Now the roads leading to the hotel are completely blocked by the Vietnamese security service. Several armored vehicles are constantly on duty near the hotel. Representatives of the Vietnamese and foreign media are not allowed through the cordon. 

Kim Jong-un lives in the presidential penthouse, directly above which there is a helipad. The room offers a beautiful view of the city and one of the attractions of Hanoi - Lake of the Returned Sword. The Sultan of Brunei, Fidel Castro, members of the royal families of Cambodia, Thailand, and Spain have stayed at the luxurious hotel at different times. In addition to the North Korean leader, more than a hundred members of the DPRK security service live in the hotel. They arrived in the city a week early to prepare the arrival of Kim Jong-un. 

As previously reported, Hanoi will host second summit of Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump. The first meeting of the leaders of the two countries was held on June 12, 2018 in Singapore. 

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