Opening Asia for Russia

Most often, Russians order clothes, electronics and cosmetics in China.

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This is stated in the report of the Pandao marketplace, owned by the Russian corporation Mail.Ru Group.

Analysts of the trading platform calculated what the Russians spent the most money on in the past year. It turned out that the undisputed leaders are electronics and, above all, smartphones. 
Experts noted an interesting trend that has emerged over the past 12 months: Chinese manufacturers have become more popular among Russians than Apple products. The undisputed leader was Xiaomi, whose gadgets were ordered, on average, one and a half times more often than products from other brands. 
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Other electronic devices that were in high demand in 2018 included fitness trackers, robotic vacuum cleaners and TVs. Also, the Russians actively purchased clothes and cosmetics on the Chinese trading platform. 

Pandao analysts note that in 2018, their champions appeared among users. One of the buyers made a one-time order for almost ₽230 thousand, and the other client purchased goods for ₽2.5 million on the marketplace for the whole year 

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The Pandao Marketplace was created by the Mail.Ru Group Corporation in September 2017. According to the Russian company, by December 2017, the service reached a result of 18,850 paid orders per day, which amounted to about 50,000 parcels. The service offers customers more than 170 thousand products in 22 categories.

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