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Most Japanese do not want to become adults two years early

28.05.2018 140 просмотров

In March this year, the Japanese government passed a law that lowered the age of majority from 20 to 18. Meanwhile, a survey conducted among young people showed that 56% of the country's residents do not like the initiative.

The number of dissatisfied among those who fall under the law - young people aged 18-20 years - is even greater and exceeds 64%. parental approval, taking out a mortgage in your name, will provide a whole range of new opportunities. At the same time, the ban on the purchase of tobacco, alcohol and gambling remains. "Adult" sanctions will be applied to those who violate the ban. 

Despite the fact that the government considers the adopted law a positive initiative, demographers believe that Japanese society is not quite ready for such changes.  ;Experts pay attention to the fact that at the age of 18 young people only finish school and enter universities. Therefore, the vast majority of young people do not have financial independence from their parents: students only begin to earn extra money after completing their first courses. spontaneous adolescent reactions. Therefore, the expectation that all serious decisions will be made in a balanced and deliberate way is doubtful.

The law approved by the Japanese parliament in March of this year has a four-year delay, and will enter into force only in April 2022.< br>

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