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Mosques and schools to reopen in low-risk areas in Iran

04.05.2020 209 просмотров

President Hassan Rouhani's government is beginning to ease restrictions that were aimed at containing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Iran plans to reopen mosques and schools in areas where SARS infections are fading.

Due to the closure of mosques and the ban on religious gatherings, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when the country experienced an outbreak of the disease, ordinary Iranians began to travel to prayers.

State television and social media vloggers showed people in their cars watching the religious ceremony on a large screen in Tehran's car park.

"From Monday, mosques will reopen in 132 low-risk cities and towns. Friday prayer sermons will resume there. However, all these steps will be taken in compliance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health," the head of state said at a meeting with journalists.

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