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Moscow and Manila signed a cooperation program

31.01.2023 ТАСС 192 просмотров

The Russian and Philippine capitals have agreed to develop cooperation.

Representatives of the authorities of Moscow and Manila on Monday during a meeting held in the capital of the Philippines signed a program of cooperation between the two cities. This is reported by the correspondent of TASS from the scene.

"In our cooperation program, we agreed to exchange experience and interact in various areas, including modernization of transport, improvement of the urban environment and implementation of the digitalization process," said Sergey Cheremin, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations (DVMS) of the City of Moscow. "We also intend to develop partnership in the field of healthcare and education. In addition, we believe that the Philippines, and especially Manila, will become one of the best tourist destinations not only for residents of Moscow, but also for all Russians."

"The Manila authorities hope that the visit of the Moscow delegation will strengthen and develop friendship between our cities," said the Mayor of the capital of the Philippines, Honey Lacuna. — The cooperation program signed today for the next three years will create conditions for the exchange of experience, knowledge and expertise on a number of issues, including environmental protection, law enforcement, science, education, culture, sports, business and trade. We are very optimistic and enthusiastic about the success of this mutually beneficial initiative for Manila and Moscow."

At the end of the event, the participants exchanged memorable gifts. So, Sergey Cheremin received a symbolic key to Manila from Hani Lacuna, after which he handed over to the mayor a picture of the Philippine capital taken from space.

In addition, on Monday, Sergey Cheremin met with Carlos Sorreta, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Multilateral Relations and International Economic Relations of the Philippines, at which issues of joint cooperation were touched upon.

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