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Tatiana Moskalkova promised compatriots in Turkey to help with the registration of internal passports.

Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian FederationTatiana Moskalkova met with the heads of organizations of Russian compatriots in Istanbul on Tuesday, who, among other things, voiced requests to simplify the registration of internal passports for Russian citizens living in Turkey. About thisTatiana Moskalkova reported in her telegram channel.

"As part of the previously planned program, I met with the heads of large public associations of our compatriots at the Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul," the Ombudsman wrote.

According to her, the heads of organizations voiced requests "to simplify the procedure for issuing Russian internal passports for Russian citizens living in Turkey, to open an MFC on the territory of Istanbul and to introduce opportunities for compatriots to receive public services through the portal, to open a House of Russian Culture in Istanbul (today it is only in Ankara), on the activation of the work of the Russian-Turkish friendship group in the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, on the permission for NGOs of Russian compatriots abroad to apply for grants from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society."

The Ombudsman said that she "took all the issues into work and will address them to the competent authorities of Russia with a request for their solution."

"In addition, compatriots at the meeting raised a number of questions on specific cases of Russian citizens who have fallen into a difficult life situation, which I plan to raise tomorrow at a meeting with the Chief Ombudsman of Turkey, Sheref Malkoch," the Ombudsman added.

According to Tatiana Moskalkova, leaders of organizations of Russian compatriots told "how much interest in Russian culture and language has increased in Turkey." Russian Russian theater "Against this background, the question inevitably arises about the expansion of assistance to the Russian theater, about the opening of additional Russian schools. We have adopted all the issues, we will try to solve them," the Ombudsman wrote.

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