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Moscow snowfall fabulously transformed the capital

25.12.2020 180 просмотров

Snow fell in the main city of the country until spring.

A real New Year's fairy tale came to Moscow with heavy snowfalls that hit the city on December 24 and 25, on Christmas night for Catholics, Protestants and some Orthodox denominations.


The gray city has suddenly changed, becoming elegant and festive. Falling flakes looked especially beautiful in the historic part of the city, and with the onset of darkness, the magic intensified even more, as street lighting contributed to the creation of an unusual atmosphere.


Zero degree warming helped residents feel less uncomfortable. However, already on December 27, frost in the dark will be up to minus 12-14 degrees. In the future, the weather will again level off at the usual 2-4 degrees of frost for the capital region.


Utilities aren't happy about the cyclone that meteorologists have dubbed Greta. Snow melters work seven days a week. A line of trucks line up in front of the gates of white and cold stuff processing plants. Unlike in Soviet times, now no one dumps snow into the Moscow River, since it must first go through a cleaning cycle. After all, strong chemicals can be dissolved in it, which are poured over sidewalks and the roadway.


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