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Moscow self-isolated in the salons of private cars

06.05.2020 52 просмотров

The capital of Russia strictly complies with all the instructions of the mayor to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

In the capital of Russia, the established warm, albeit permanently rainy weather prevents citizens from observing the self-isolation regime, provoking long walks and outdoor sports. The all-Russian policy in the field of combating the epidemic remains unchanged - strict quarantine, coupled with the mandatory wearing of masks in a number of regions.

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Now that the shortage of this product is a thing of the past, masks have begun to be massively sold even in vending machines in the subway. And the mayor of the city, having analyzed the beneficial effect of masks on the number of cases in other regions, is preparing, in turn, to make this type of protection mandatory.

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fines for unauthorized use of a personal car, car traffic in Moscow is almost as heavy as it was before the start of the pandemic. On the other hand, Muscovites are isolated from each other in the salons of their own cars and, therefore, do not pose a danger to others.

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