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Moscow recognized as one of the best cities in terms of effective fight against COVID-19

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Russia breathed a sigh after the exit from the strict lockdown and, in particular, the weakening of the quarantine regime in the capital.

Particularly happy are people over 65 who have been forced not to go out at all since the beginning of March.

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"Now it's freedom! You can go everywhere!" rejoices a retired Muscovite named Pavel. - Just don't forget to wear a mask! You are doing the right thing by wearing a mask, but I just do exercises in the morning, and that's it! Well, then you just need to take care of yourself!" 

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"It's hard to sit at home," says a Muscovite of retirement age. - Joints begin to ache, legs can't walk well, so it's good that you can go outside!"

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"Well, I was in quarantine for a month and a half. So now it's ok! And then I didn’t even go to the clinic before - I’m going to the clinic now, so everything is fine" ... - Valery expresses the same opinion. 

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Moscow is living a full life again. The city has coped so well with an already outgoing infection, which, according to Dmitry Peskov, is recognized as perhaps the best metropolis in the world in organizing the fight against COVID-19, as well as the positive results achieved.It is expected that all quarantine measures, except for wearing protective equipment indoors and public locations will be canceled in early July.

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