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Moscow received the "Vocation" award

22.06.2021 144 просмотров

The Vocation Award was presented in Moscow for clinical trials of the Sputnik V vaccine

Moscow received the Vocation Award for conducting the third phase of post-registration clinical trials of the Sputnik V vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus infection. Specialists who were directly involved in the clinical trials of the Sputnik V vaccine received the main symbol of the national award - the statuette "The doctor's golden hands hold the crystal life of a person," the press service said.

As the deputy head recalled Department of Health of Moscow Andrey Starshinin, on the basis of 25 medical organizations, research centers were deployed, in which more than 33 thousand volunteers were vaccinated in a few months. Never before has such a large-scale study of a vaccine been conducted in such a short period of time in the country.

In the nomination "For the contribution to the development of medicine made by representatives of fundamental science and non-medical professions", the award was awarded to a group of 15 specialists. They were awarded for organizing and conducting a large-scale study of the Sputnik V vaccine.

efficacy and safety of the drug among several age groups at once. The quality of research meets the highest standards. The work of all the specialists involved in the study made it possible to collect data for writing and publishing an article in the world's leading medical journal The Lancet,” said Aleksey Bezymyanny, Director of the Directorate for Coordinating the Activities of Medical Organizations of the Moscow City Health Department, whose words are quoted in message.

Moscow has become the first city in the world in which vaccination against COVID-19 has become available to everyone. Such a fast pace was achieved thanks to the prompt organization of vaccine research, a large number of vaccination points in Moscow clinics, and also thanks to the work of mobile vaccination teams of the Moscow Health Department in shopping centers, parks and other places popular with citizens. At the moment, more than 1.8 million residents of the city have been vaccinated against coronavirus infection.

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