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Moscow is effectively fighting the coronavirus

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The streets of the capital of Russia are completely deserted due to the quarantine announced everywhere, provoked by the SARS virus.

Parks, playgrounds and the subway are deserted, except for the widespread police patrols, vigilantly monitoring the implementation of the order of the President of Russia and responsible for compliance with the self-isolation of departments.

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days until the end of April, it is obvious that soon the new software of Moscow programmers will be introduced everywhere along the lines of other megacities in countries fighting the coronavirus. 

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During quarantine, residents of the capital have the right to leave their homes for a walk pet or to go to the nearest grocery store. The mayor's office specifically clarified that while police checks on private vehicles are perfectly acceptable, as long as citizens forced to go to work have the right to travel around the city. 

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In addition to the total disinfection of the entire urban space, the authorities also attended to construction by the forces of 5 thousand people of a center specialized in the treatment of infectious diseases in New Moscow, in the village of Kommunarka with an area of 70 thousand square meters. The construction of the branch of Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 1 on an area of 43 hectares, consisting of 30 medical and diagnostic buildings, is proceeding at such a rapid pace that, after only two weeks, it is already nearing completion. 

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Per object Andrey Bochkarev, Deputy Mayor of Moscow, answers. At the beginning of April, about 2,500 people infected with coronavirus were recorded in the capital of Russia, with 19 deaths. 140 patients have already recovered. The center has a capacity of 500 beds, of which 250 are in intensive care.

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