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Moscow introduces new restrictions

10.11.2020 33 просмотров

The increase in the number of cases in Moscow forces to strengthen restrictive measures.

A significant increase in the number of people infected with a new coronavirus infection is observed in Moscow, the situation in the city may worsen in the coming weeks, Mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin said on Tuesday in his blog.

“A week ago, the incidence rate seemed to have stabilized at a high, but still uncritical level. However, in recent days, we again see a significant increase. On Monday, November 9, 2020, 6,897 cases of the disease were detected - an anti-record for the entire period of the pandemic. And, unfortunately, in the coming weeks, we can expect further deterioration of the situation. Additional restrictions are needed to -as far as possible -break the chains of transmission of the virus and reduce the incidence rate, - he wrote.

The Mayor clarified that in mid-August, out of 100 PCR tests, one gave a positive result. At the end of October, the proportion of positive tests rose to 5.8%, and then to 7.5%. “Besides, the number of cases of SARS and other seasonal respiratory diseases is slowly but surely growing. And this also significantly increases the burden on the health care system, which is working at the limit,  , he said.

In in connection with this Sergey Sobyanin strengthened measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the city by introducing additional restrictions from 13 November 2020 to 15  ;January 2021. Among them is the transfer of students of city universities and colleges to distance learning, their transport cards will be temporarily blocked. Children's entertainment centers, children's rooms in restaurants and shopping centers stop working. From 23:00 to 06:00, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs will not be able to operate in the city. Organizations whose work is related to the presence of citizens are recommended to introduce a system of QR codes.

In addition, cultural, entertainment, entertainment and other similar events with the participation of spectators, including exhibitions, are prohibited, while restrictions do not apply to "official measures taken by the decision of the executive authorities”. In  theatres, cinemas and concert halls, the maximum number of spectators is limited to no more than 25% of the capacity of the hall, and mass sporting events can be held with the participation of spectators, if they are agreed with the city sports department and the department of Rospotrebnadzor.

Previously, the mayor introduced a number of other preventive measures, including  schoolchildren in grades 6-11 from October 19  November 22nd. Until the end of November, there will be a home regime for people over 65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases. Employers were required to transfer 30% of employees to remote work, and QR codes were introduced to visit nightclubs.

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