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Moscow House in Yerevan hospitably hosted the conference of Russian compatriots in Armenia

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News from the life of Russian compatriots living abroad will be told by Evgenia Borovaya.

See in the issue:
  • XV International Film Festival "Russian Abroad" was held in Moscow;
  • The House of Moscow in Yerevan hosted the conference of Russian compatriots of Armenia;
  • The International Media Forum "Good Neighbors - Dialogue Without Borders" was held in Mongolia;
  • A festival of Russian culture was organized in Uganda

The 15th Russian Abroad International Film Festival was held in Moscow at the House of the Russian Abroad. The annual event is dedicated to the study and understanding of the phenomenon of Russian emigration, the preservation of the cultural, scientific and spiritual heritage of the Russian abroad and is aimed at consolidating Russian people scattered around the world. The President of the Festival Sergei Zaitsev spoke at the opening ceremony. He read out the address of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrovto the guests and participants.

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Sergey Zaitsev, president of the Russian Abroad festival :

“Over the years the festival has come a long way, formed wonderful traditions, found many loyal friends and fans. It is difficult to overestimate his role in the overall efforts to consolidate the Russian world, popularize the Russian cultural historical heritage, and strengthen ties with the historical homeland. Such work objectively contributes to an impartial study of the pages of the past in the interests of uniting our society.” 

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51 films were presented at the Film Forum this year from 9 countries of the world: Belgium, Belarus, Russia, Serbia, USA, Ukraine, Finland, France and Switzerland. All shows and evenings were timed to memorable dates. Among them: the 80th anniversary of the birth of the writer Sergey Dovlatov, the 100th anniversary of the birth of the British actor of Russian origin Peter Ustinov, the 130th anniversary of the birth of the actor, director and teacher Mikhail Chekhov and others.

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The main prize of the film festival is the bronze sculpture "Philosophical steamboat". The best feature film was the film "The Oath" directed by Roman Nesterenko. The Mikhail Chekhov medal "For outstanding achievements in the field of cinematography and theatrical art" was awarded to documentary filmmaker Andrey Osipov.
< br> The festival was established in 2007 by the House of Russian Abroad and the film studio "Russian Way". Over the years of his work, more than 550 feature and documentary films have been presented to the attention of the audience.

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The 13th Country Conference of Russian Compatriots of the Republic of Armenia was held at the Moscow House in Yerevan. The theme of the meeting was designated as follows: "Modern challenges, inertia of consciousness and prospects for the future." The conference was opened by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia to Armenia Sergey Kopirkin. In his speech, the diplomat emphasized that the task of Russia and the organizations of compatriots in Armenia is to promote the development and strengthening of ties between the two countries, as well as the development of Armenia itself and the strengthening of its security.

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representatives of compatriots' organizations discussed issues of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the diaspora, preserving spiritual traditions and historical memory. We also considered one of the most important topics - the popularization of the Russian language. In his speech, the General Director of the "House of Moscow" in Yerevan Vahram Karapetyan spoke about the current projects of the center in this direction.

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Vahram Karapetyan , General Director of the "House of Moscow" in Yerevan:

 “These are free Russian language courses that take place in 25 cities where about 400 children study, free courses on the history of Russia for children aged 10-16, the opening of Russian centers in the regions of Armenia, the transfer of textbooks to the Russian sector of Armenian schools (9,000 textbooks), the transfer of fiction to regional libraries or school libraries (7,000 books).”< br>
In the final resolution, the participants of the meeting expressed their gratitude to the House of Moscow in Yerevan for assistance and multilateral assistance in the activities of organizations of Russian compatriots estvennikov.

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The Second International Media Forum "Good Neighbors - Dialogue Without Borders" was held in Ulaanbaatar. The event is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of Mongolia and the establishment of diplomatic relations with Russia. The purpose of the forum is to establish close ties of mutual cooperation between representatives of the information sphere, to eliminate the lack of timely and reliable information between the two countries. The event was joined by Russian Ambassador to Mongolia Iskander Azizov. In his speech, the diplomat stressed that the success of political, economic or humanitarian undertakings largely depends on the mass media. And the professional media is now the most reliable source of information.

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Iskander Azizov, Russian Ambassador to Mongolia:

“The media space today has no boundaries and is changing at an incredible speed, so it is especially important to actively involve the new generation of journalists in an objective and comprehensive coverage of events, to work for the benefit of society, and not to distort facts.”

The event was held in a mixed format: participants who could not attend in person joined the forum via video link. Journalists, editors and media representatives of Mongolia and Russia talked at a round table, attended lectures, master classes and met with representatives of the Executive and Legislative authorities of the host country. The forum was organized by the Union of Journalists of Mongolia and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Ulaanbaatar with the assistance of the Russian Embassy. upload/medialibrary/68b/68b6a15f9f14b1a482295486a3b3299d.jpg" height="443" title="06-34 Compatriot News 04.jpg">News 4. 

Rosinka" held the annual festival of Russian Culture in Kampala. The goals and objectives of the festival are the preservation and dissemination of Russian culture and the Russian language, the development of the practice of public diplomacy, the strengthening of friendly interethnic relations and the international prestige of Russia. The program of the festival was dedicated to the Day of National Unity and took place over two days in online and offline formats. Members of the Youth wing of the Uganda CRFRC, children of compatriots and Ugandan friends took part in the festive action. The festival program included a cultural show in Russian and English, a performance by the Ugandan-Russian ensemble "Princess Netashiva and the jazz band Soma", an online performance by the Russian group "Trio", as well as thematic master classes and traditional fun.
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I would like to note that the festival was held with the support of the Russian Embassy in Uganda, the World Alumni Organization, business enterprises BigWin, Nyange Resort and Marina and other companies.

More more news is available on site in section "Compatriots"

Evgenia Borovaya, Program Manager - Aleksey Novatsky.

The program is being created with the support of the Department of Foreign Economic and International native relations of the city of Moscow

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