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Moscow and Ulaanbaatar are moving to a new round of relations

12.10.2017 88 просмотров

The mayor of Ulaanbaatar paid an official visit to Moscow - this year the friendly relations between the Russian and Mongolian capitals are 60 years old. Sergei Sobyanin and Sunduy Batbold discussed the interaction of the two cities in various fields. The meeting resulted in the signing of a cooperation program for 2018-2020.

"This program will allow us to actively cooperate both in the creation of a strategy for the development of megacities to ensure their sustainable development, and the modernization of transport and road infrastructure, and the  water treatment and waste water treatment  — told the TV channel "Greater Asia" Sergey Cheremin, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Foreign Economic and International Relations.

  We became interested in the successful project "My Street", which is being implemented by the Moscow City Hall. We in Ulaanbaatar have a street named after the Russian capital. And we would like to bring to a condition worthy of the city of Moscow. In addition, we have a new type of cooperation: we transfer archival documents related to the life and activities of Russian citizens in Mongolia , — said the mayor of Ulaanbaatar Sunduy Batbold.

The Mongolian delegation spent almost a week in Moscow. During this time, the participants of the visit managed to explore the city center, get acquainted with important infrastructure facilities, appreciate cultural and sports attractions.

Head of the Ulaanbaatar Foreign Relations Department Sukhbaatar Shuushingaa sincerely delighted: the world championship will be held next year, — it's totally fantastic! I been here in the late 90s, it was completely different!"

"I first time in Moscow, I really liked the city. This stadium and Zaryadye Park, — admitted the specialist of the information department of Ulaanbaatar Tsermaa Badrakh. — I hope that in the future the interaction between our cities will increase".

Cultural program of Ulaanbaatar in Moscow. Photo: TV channel "Greater Asia"

Mongolian guests brought to Moscow an exhibition of archival documents and photos related to the joint activities of the two capitals, and arranged a festive concert.

The       They all talk about the long-term friendship between Russia and Mongolia, Moscow and Ulaanbaatar and hope that the signed cooperation program will revive close relations, including at a high level.

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