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Moscow again threatened by a new quarantine

03.10.2020 43 просмотров

Autumn outbreak SARS CoV 2 observed in Moscow.

A second wave of coronavirus may have come to Russia. The number of new cases is so significant that high-ranking officials have started talking about new restrictive measures and even a possible return to quarantine. The autumn school holidays were extended by one week, that is, the children went home for 15 days, which did not arouse the enthusiasm of the parents.

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Anastasia Smirnova, Moscow, student's mother:

"I have a negative attitude to this, because the children have just got used to school, and now they put us on unscheduled holidays. And they are from each other weaned again. And then it’s not at all clear how they will come out or not.”

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Irina Sapron, Moscow, student's mother:

"I have a child is engaged in professional sports - hockey. Therefore, these holidays are very useful for us. Accordingly, we will have more time to relax and better prepare for new sports competitions." 

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Olga, Moscow, Moscow, student's mother:

"I think that this is forced, but necessary. In fact, this is the safety of our children. Therefore, we must take it seriously. We we won’t go anywhere on vacation - we’ll go out of town. I wouldn’t want them to be imprisoned for distance learning. It will be really bad!”

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In Russia, the number of new infections detected per day at the beginning of October amounted to almost 9 and a half thousand people, which the highest figure ever recorded since mid-June. In total, 21 & nbsp; 077 people died from coronavirus in the country in the first days of October.

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