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Marines from India and China will take part in competitions on the Baltic Fleet

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Venezuela, Iran and China will take part in the Sea Landing contest at the Baltic Fleet.

Marines from Venezuela, Iran and China will take part in the international contest "Marine Landing — 2022" within the framework of the Army International Games (ArMI), which will be held in August at the Baltic Fleet base in the Kaliningrad region, a source close to the contest told TASS on Thursday.

"Yes, China, Iran and Venezuela has today confirmed its participation in the international competitions of marines within the framework of ArMI-2022," the agency interlocutor said. TASS does not yet have official confirmation of this information.

The press service of the Baltic Fleet informed the agency that the international contest "Marine Landing — 2022" will be held from August 13 to 27 at the naval training ground "Khmelevka" on the Kaliningrad coast of the Baltic Sea. Since 2016, the competition track has been functioning here, there is a material and training base, targets, as well as places for the placement, repair and parking of military equipment. This training ground has more than once become a venue for the All-Russian and international stages of the Marine corps competition.

The press service also said that the national team of Russian marines has started training in preparation for the competition: the skills of driving armored personnel carriers BTR-82A along the route with overcoming various obstacles are being worked out, training shooting at targets simulating surface, coastal and air targets are being conducted. At the upcoming international starts, their participants will have to overcome more than 50 obstacles in four stages of the competition, with shooting and other exercises. The total length of the trails is about 7 kilometers on land and on water.

Earlier, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the Army International Games - 2022 will be held from August 13 to 27. 36 international competitions are planned to be held during the games.

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