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More than half a million people in Israel receive fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine

17.01.2022 108 просмотров

More than half a million Israelis have already received their fourth shot of the coronavirus vaccine, the highest number in the world.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennet made such a statement on Sunday at the weekly meeting of the Israeli government.

“More than half a million older citizens have already been vaccinated with the fourth dose of the vaccine, which is a huge achievement. This is the highest number in the world, ”the prime minister’s office circulated the statements. “I am pleased to announce that another large shipment of Pfizer drug will arrive in Israel by the end of the [coming] week,” added Naftali Bennettand once again urged Israelis to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

Prime Minister also said that the government "ensures millions of additional antigen tests" and "ensures nursing homes are as safe as possible." “I know these are difficult weeks, but together we will get through it, just like we did with the omicron strain, it won’t last forever,” assured Naftali Bennet.

Campaign on vaccination of the population against coronavirus began in Israel on December 20, 2020. Residents of the country have been vaccinated with the third dose since the end of July 2021; those who have had two injections can receive it if at least five months have passed since the date of receiving the second dose. On January 2, the Director-General of the Ministry of HealthNahman Ash approved the introduction of the fourth dose of the covid vaccine to people aged 60 and over and health workers. “The fourth dose of the vaccine can be received by the indicated persons, provided that four months have passed since the date of receiving the third injection,” the website of the Ministry of Health says.

According to the Ministry of Health, 6.6 million have received one dose of the vaccine so far Israelis, two - six million, three - 4.3 million, four - 519 thousand. The total population of the country is 9.3 million people.

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