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More than a hundred people became Russians

28.08.2018 65 просмотров

By presidential decree, they received Russian citizenship, according to the portal of legal information.

Among those who received a Russian passport, there are 11 natives of Armenia, five each from Afghanistan and Vietnam, and 9 citizens born in Azerbaijan. Natives of Turkey, India, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Georgia, countries of North America and Europe also became Russian citizens. In total, according to the decree of the head of state, 104 people received Russian citizenship. 

The document states that these persons become Russians after taking the oath of citizenship of the Russian Federation. If the applicant is a minor, the parent takes the oath for him. 

As Big Asia previously reported, at a meeting in the Federation Council in July, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed simplify the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for certain categories of compatriots living abroad.

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