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More than 900 laptops purchased for schools of the Jewish Autonomous Region under the national project

16.12.2021 57 просмотров

55.7 million rubles were allocated for the purchase of equipment for educational institutions.

The authorities of the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAO) purchased more than 900 laptops and other equipment for schools, including rural ones. This was reported on Tuesday on the website of the regional government.

"As part of the national project "Education" for schools in the region, 932 laptops and 45 MFPs (multifunctional devices) were purchased in the amount of 55.7 million rubles. The equipment received this year will receive 32 schools, including nine branches of educational organizations," the report says.

Deputy head of the regional department of education Ilya Karepov noted that the new equipment will allow the use of distance technologies in the educational process, work with digital educational platforms, organize networking between schools. "Thanks to the national project, both urban and rural schools, even the smallest ones, are being equipped, which means that their students receive equal opportunities for quality education," Ilya Karepov said.

The service of the regional government TASS was informed that in 2020, under the national project "Education and the regional project" Digital Educational Environment ", 46 schools, colleges and technical schools of the region received 69 MFPs, 95 interactive complexes and 1,756 laptops.

According to the national project "Education" in the JAO, centers of education of the natural science and technology orientation "Point of Growth" are being created, schools are being equipped with computer equipment, the material and technical base of organizations that teach children with disabilities is being updated, school gyms are being repaired and sports grounds are being built.

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