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More than 82.5% of people in China are fully vaccinated against coronavirus

12.12.2021 104 просмотров

More than 1.162 billion people have completed the vaccination process in China.

Over 82.5% of the people of China, which has a population of 1.41 billion people, have fully completed the process of vaccination against coronavirus. This was announced on Saturday at a press conference by the Deputy Head of the Department of Disease Control of the State Committee for Hygiene and Health of the People's Republic of China Wu Liangyu.

“As of December 10, the vaccination process has been completed China has more than 1.162 billion people, which is over 82.5% of the country's population,” he said.

Wu Liangyu also noted that more than 120.58 million people in China received booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

In June, Chinese epidemiologist Shao Yiming stated that 80-85% of the population must be fully vaccinated to develop herd immunity.

Vaccination of priority groups population in China began on December 15, 2020.

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