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More than 700 Kazakhstanis took part in the Geographical dictation

16.11.2021 198 просмотров

Kazakhstan hosted the international educational action "Geographical Dictation" for the third time. This year, more than 700 Kazakhstanis took part in it online and offline.

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Residents of Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Stepnogorsk, Petropavlovsk, and for the first time - Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taraz, Temirtau joined the Geodictation.   
A student of the 11th grade of one of the Temirtau schools Ekaterina Shushpanova came to the capital specifically to take part in the Geographic Dictation in full-time format.

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shares and wanted to take part in order to test their knowledge. I am very interested in geography, especially world geography, and I am also fond of ecology. I think that every person should know geography, because it develops him, increases erudition. Geographical dictation just gives such an opportunity,” says Ekaterina.

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The purpose of the action is to popularize geographical knowledge and increase public interest in geography. Each version of the Dictation consisted of 40 questions divided into two parts. The first part includes 10 questions and is called "geographical educational program". It is compiled on the basis of well-known facts from geography. The second part (30 questions) requires imaginative thinking, systemic logic and erudition.

The initiator of the action is the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Geographical Society" (RGO). Over the six years of the existence of the dictation, almost 1.8 million people have become its participants. Since 2019, this action has been taking place in Kazakhstan with the support of the QazaqGeography Republican Public Association and the Russian House in Nur-Sultan.

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“Participation in the Geodictation generates great interest among the society, which is growing year by year. And if at first people are worried that they will get a “deuce”, then they become bolder and aim to get an “excellent” rating. And for this they are immersed in the study of geography and history. Therefore, it is rather difficult to overestimate the benefits of the Geographical Dictation,” says Olga Skalchuk, Director of the Department of Cultural and Educational Programs of the Russian House in Nur-Sultan.

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brought together a large number of people of different ages, hobbies - those who sincerely love our countries, Kazakhstan and Russia, are interested in their history and original traditions, who feel ownership and personal responsibility for the preservation of our unique cultural and natural heritage. In the future, we would like to conduct a local Geographical dictation on the knowledge of the population of Kazakhstan's geography," said Artur Abubakirov, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of the NGO "QazaqGeography".

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