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More than 3,000-year-old tombs discovered in Tibet

10.04.2018 68 просмотров

According to Shaka Wandui, an employee of the Tibetan Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage, during excavations near the town of Zanda, Ngari District (Tibet Autonomous Region, Southwest China), nine ancient burials were found. 

Using the method of radiocarbon analysis, scientists have established that the found tombs belong to two periods of burials. The age of the first group reaches 2.1-2.3 thousand years, and the second - 3-3.5 thousand years, the archaeologist said. 

from the floor to the upper level of the burial,” Shaka Vanduya is quoted by TASS. 

Many ancient artifacts were found at the work site, including ceramics, pottery, bronze bells and rings, as well as bone remains . According to scientists, the tombs are considered the oldest of the burials discovered in Tibet, in which bronze objects have been preserved.

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