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"Monument" to the stall was installed in Chelyabinsk

10.03.2020 155 просмотров

A recently demolished kiosk appeared on Kirov Street.

Near the place where the stall had stood for many years, someone placed a cardboard box in which they placed a photo of the stall and a glass of red liquid. Flowers were laid next to the makeshift memorial.

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earned in Tashkent
The photo of the "monument" appeared to the Pikabu website. In two days, the post collected about 180,000 views and about a hundred comments. 

Sometimes a stall is still not enough. I'm used to the fact that almost every house in their hometown has them, writes one of the users. 

Earlier, the Good News portal reported that Chelyabinsk Kirovka was planned to be cleared of old kiosks by summer. Mass cleaning of stalls began in March.

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