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"Miss Sabantuy" will be chosen in Barnaul

08.07.2019 125 просмотров

The competition will be held as part of the Tatar-Bashkir holiday.

Residents of the Altai Territory of the Tatar and Bashkir nationalities will compete for the title. It is noted that guests will find an interesting entertainment program. 

Tatars are descendants
Great Genghis
Competitions, various competitions, performances by creative teams, as well as an exhibition of souvenirs from the masters of the region are planned. The culmination will be the wrestling of batyrs - kuresh.

Note that Sabantuy will be held in Barnaul for the 25th time. The holiday will take place on July 13. Sabantuy, which is celebrated in many cities of Russia, is dedicated to the end of spring sowing. The original purpose of this rite, according to some sources, was to appease the spirits of fertility, who were asked for a good harvest. The holiday was first described in 921 by the Arab traveler Ibn Fadlan, who arrived in Bulgar as an ambassador from Baghdad.

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