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Minibuses to be cleaned and repaired in Tbilisi

01.04.2019 134 просмотров

A corresponding statement was made by the company Minibus Tbilisi.

It is reported that in the capital of Georgia, a phased dry cleaning of yellow fixed-route taxis will be carried out, and the seats will be replaced with new ones. It is noted that the company began preparing for the summer season immediately after the end of the winter.

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months, autumn and spring. Several tens of thousands of lari are annually spent on the care and maintenance of all vehicles. The elimination of those errors that are directly related to the comfortable movement of passengers is underway,” the statement says.

In addition, before the start of the working day, all vehicles undergo a surface inspection. In the event of malfunctions, minibuses are not allowed to exit the lines. 

Currently, about 1.8 thousand minibuses operate in Tbilisi, and more than 600 thousand people use their services per day. < br>

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