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Millions of Celestials to receive COVID-19 vaccine by Chinese New Year

18.12.2020 128 просмотров

At least 50 million people in China will be vaccinated against coronavirus by February.

Doctors in China plan to vaccinate at least 50 million people with the coronavirus vaccine before the Lunar New Year (Chunjie, Spring Festival), which falls on February 12 next year. The South China Morning Post reported this on Friday, citing sources.

Chinese authorities intend to use 100 million doses of inactivated vaccines (two doses per person) developed by Chinese pharmaceutical companies Sinopharm (Sinopharm) and Sinovac ("Sinovac"). The vaccination campaign is expected to start soon, but start dates may vary depending on province. The first 50 million doses are due by January 15 and the remainder dose by 5 February.

The most vulnerable groups of citizens will first of all be able to use the drug against coronavirus. Among them are medical workers, police officers, firefighters, customs officers, loaders, transport and logistics workers, nursing home and funeral home staff, sanitation workers, and utility workers. In addition, people who need to go abroad for work or study will be able to get vaccinated.

During the Spring Festival, hundreds of millions of Chinese travel within the country, hurrying to return home from places of work or study. This is a potentially dangerous time for the spread of infectious diseases. It was at this time in 2003 that severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) spread to various parts of the PRC.

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