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Mikhail Mishustin opened the border with Abkhazia

01.08.2020 46 просмотров

The document signed by the Russian Prime Minister came into force on August 1, according to the official portal of the Russian Government.

Russia lifts restrictions on crossing the border with Abkhazia, imposed due to the situation with the coronavirus, the document says.

From August 1, Russians will be able to freely enter Abkhazia, and citizens of this country - to Russia. 

The decision to open the border with Abkhazia was made on July 31 following a meeting of the operational headquarters led by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova. 

The conclusions of Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health of Russia on the sanitary and epidemiological situation in this country were taken into account and the readiness of the infrastructure to receive tourists.

Since August 1, Russia has resumed flights with Great Britain, Turkey and Tanzania. From August 15, Russia will resume flights with Switzerland.

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