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Between Perm and Barnaul, Verve will launch direct flights

15.07.2022 ТАСС 136 просмотров

A one-way ticket will cost from 4.3 thousand rubles.

Nordwind Airlines will launch direct flights between Perm and Barnaul for the first time, the press service of the government of the Altai Territory reported on Thursday. Flights will start operating from July 31.

"Nordwind Airlines launches direct flights Perm - Barnaul - Perm. Previously, there were no direct flights between these cities. Flights will be operated twice a week until the end of the year. Passengers will be able to fly from the Urals to Altai on Sunday and Wednesday, from Barnaul to Perm - on Sunday and Thursday. The travel time is about three hours," the message says.

The minimum price of a one-way ticket will be 4.3 thousand rubles. The authorities of the Altai Territory expect that the appearance of a new flight will contribute to the development of tourism in the region.

"We will be happy to welcome guests from Perm to the Altai territory. We can offer, in addition to our stone-cutting history, which is similar to the history of the Perm Region, also unique landscapes, stormy rivers, incredibly beautiful mountains," the press service of the director of Altayturcenter quotedAlexander Tomashevich.

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