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Messages in the snow have become a business in China

25.11.2019 63 просмотров

Thus, the inhabitants of the north of China take orders from the population from the south of the country, where there is usually no snow.

One character costs about 2 yuan ($0.28). It is noted that after a heavy snowfall in the northeast of the Celestial Empire, the number of orders for writing words in the snow has increased dramatically. 

Ice sculpture competition
opened in Yakutsk
In most cases, northerners are asked to write congratulations or a declaration of love in the snow. Having fulfilled the wish, one or another newly minted “businessman” takes a picture of the work and sends the picture to the client via the Internet.
By the way, many authors say that in fact they are engaged in this business not to earn a lot of money, but because they really like the lesson itself.

It is noted that writing congratulations in the snow has been a favorite pastime for many people since childhood. 

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