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Men's committee proposed to be created in Uzbekistan

06.03.2019 150 просмотров

The initiative was voiced at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications.

There was a presentation of the books "Family Encyclopedia" and "Encyclopedia for Women". However, according to experts, the Encyclopedia for Men is also needed.

Parents' Day may
appear in Uzbekistan
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there is "for women", it is unlikely that a man will read it. That is why it is necessary to create special books for the male target audience. After all, the preservation of the family is a mutual work,” expert Jamilya Shermukhamedova said.

In addition, at the meeting it was proposed to create a men's committee, similar to the women's one.

As for the books that were presented at the Agency, their popularization helps to strengthen family relations, experts say. Encyclopedias are intended for a certain age readership and are not only informational, but also educational in nature.

Previously, Big Asia reported that School of brides and grooms opened in Tashkent. The future newlyweds will be taught the basics of family life.

The “educational institution” has been launched under one of the registry offices of the capital of Uzbekistan. Notebooks "Guidelines for the Strength of the Family" was created by the Scientific and Practical Research Center "Oila".

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