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MEDSI SmartMed online service downloaded by more than 1 million people

25.09.2021 232 просмотров

The number of downloads of the SmartMed telemedicine service in the three years since its launch exceeded 1 million in September 2021. Demand for the service is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 260,000 active users in Q3 2021.

A breakthrough for the digital platform was 2020, when, during the period of acute COVID-19 incidence among the population, the demand for telemedicine services increased by 300%. Over 35,000 consultations were held during the pandemic in 2020, about 27,000 consultations in 2021. In total, since the launch of the project, users of the service have received more than 65,000 consultations from MEDSI doctors.

The main growth driver of the platform is the digitalization of medicine, the desire of patients to simplify communication with the doctor and get the maximum service on their phone, while at the same time with guaranteed quality. The share of appointments to clinics through SmartMed currently reaches 40.5% of the total volume.

Since the launch of the new SmartMed functionality on September 10, 2021, the number of daily active users of the service has increased by more than 11 thousand, reaching 30 thousand. For MEDSI patients, new options have been introduced into the application: paying bills for appointments and scheduled examinations, refunding funds to the card, and using points under the MEDSI loyalty program. You can pay for the appointment and laboratory tests not only at the clinic's cash desk, but also through SmartMed - by bank card or using ApplePay (for iPhone owners). Moreover, if the patient paid for the appointment online in advance and canceled it, the funds will be returned to his bank card specified in the application, without the need to contact the clinic. In addition, the application displays the number of points for the loyalty program, and the patient can use them when paying for services.

Compared to 2020, the number of medical specialists connected to SmartMed for recording has doubled - more than 2,000 doctors of various specializations: general practitioners, pediatricians, allergists, ENT specialists , gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, gynecologists, urologists, oncologists, surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, pulmonologists, psychologists and many others. Online consultations are conducted by more than 600 practicing highly qualified MEDSI doctors, including candidates of medical sciences, doctors of the highest category.

Since the launch of the service, the geography of the project has also expanded: now, in addition to residents of Moscow and the Moscow region, doctors and clinics in new cities where the network is present - Perm, Izhevsk, are connected to the service , St. Petersburg, soon telemedicine consultations will be available on the basis of clinics in Nyagan and Nizhnevartovsk. But you can sign up for MEDSI clinics in these cities through SmartMed right now.

The patient stores medical data in a smartphone, remaining confident in their security. The application provides up-to-date information about MEDSI clinics and doctors, the history of all requests for consultations to MEDSI clinics (from the moment of registration in SmartMed), all documentation, including appointments and test results. The test version has a visualization and analysis service that allows you to track the dynamics of key indicators. The personal data of SmartMed clients is stored in a secure segment of the #CloudMTC cloud infrastructure.


 Users of the SmartMed application note the marketplace options, the opportunity to purchase diagnostic and treatment programs from MEDSI Group and the company's partners among the advantages. In cooperation with leading Russian banks, loyalty programs have been developed for customers with increased cashback. A new option of the service – “Women's Calendar” – helps patients to promptly resolve issues of women's health.

“The pandemic has significantly transformed the demands of patients, making safety, convenience and accessibility of services the main vector in addressing health issues. The task of digital medical services is, first of all, the development of preventive medicine, health medicine, the formation of an enlightened patient. Our specialists guarantee the quality of treatment for SmartMed users, as well as for all patients of the MEDSI clinic network. Every day we do everything to make our application convenient for all users. Having received a consultation through the SmartMed application, the patient can also make an appointment with this specialist for a face-to-face appointment, and pay for services in the application. Our patient clinics have the latest equipment and the best advanced technologies, so that when turning to us, everyone can be sure that their health is in the safe hands of professionals,” - said Director for Digital Transformation MEDSI Group Alexander Pilipchuk.

The SmartMed application is available for all subscribers of Russian telecom operators, it can be downloaded from App Store,< /u>   %3fid%3dru.mts.smartmed" target="_blank">Google Play and AppGallery (for HUAWEI devices). 

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