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MEDSI instills with Sputnik V

22.01.2021 37 просмотров

More than a thousand patients were vaccinated against coronavirus at MEDSI.

1227 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 with the Sputnik V vaccine at MEDSI clinics (as of January 20). According to experts, vaccination is tolerated by patients as standard, the development of post-vaccination reactions does not differ in frequency from other vaccines.

Federal network of clinics MEDSI began vaccination against coronavirus with Sputnik V on December 24, 2020. Today, residents of the capital who are over 18 years old, who have permanent or temporary registration in Moscow, who have not had coronavirus or who have had the infection more than 6 months ago, can receive the vaccine at the company's clinics. The drug was provided by the Moscow Department of Health as part of the city immunization project. Since the vaccine is not commercially available, there are no plans to vaccinate residents of other regions at this time. Residents of other regions, if they belong to certain professions, can be vaccinated in their region as part of the MHI. lane – since December 24, 2020, more than 1,000 people have been vaccinated. Starting next week, the number of rooms will be expanded, which will allow up to 1,000 patients per day. In the coming days, vaccination with the Sputnik V drug will become available in a number of clinics - on Leninsky Prospekt, Khoroshevsky Proyezd, in the Clinical Diagnostic Centers in Maryino and Grokholsky Lane, additional medical personnel are involved.
Vaccination is carried out in two stages with a break of 21 day. The drug is provided to the patient free of charge, only the administration of the vaccine (650 rubles) and the consultation of a therapist (1,200 rubles) are paid separately. Before each stage of vaccination, a doctor's appointment is necessary.

To exclude the possibility that the patient is ill at the time of vaccination, it is recommended to undergo a rapid antigen test or PCR test. In addition, vaccinated people are recommended to donate blood for IgG antibodies to S-protein 45-50 days after the introduction of the first component of the vaccine.

Currently, most patients have received only the first stage of vaccination, so it is too early to talk about the results, including the presence of the necessary immune response. It is important to note that during the vaccination period, until full immunity has been formed, and this happens only after 45-50 days after the first dose, a person is at risk of infection, so all precautions must be observed. 

«Vaccination This is one of the priority areas in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection. We work in close partnership with the government. MEDSI Group of Companies was one of the first private medical organizations to join the fight against COVID-19 back in April 2020 by providing its own hospital for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. Today, the capacities of our clinics are also fully utilized for vaccination against COVID-19. Only together, by joining forces, we will be able to effectively counter the pandemic,” said Ksenia Shekhovtsova, Deputy Medical Director of MEDSI Group of Companies.  


Medsi Group of Companies is a leading federal network of private medical clinics that provides a full range of medical services - from primary care and emergency medical care to high-tech diagnostics, complex surgical interventions and rehabilitation. Today, MEDSI's assets include 28 clinics in Moscow and the Moscow region (including 2 children's clinics, 2 clinical hospitals and 5 clinical diagnostic centers), 18 clinics in the regions of Russia, an ambulance service, a home help service, medical wellness and 2 sanatoriums. The company's revenue in 2019 amounted to 22.3 billion rubles. About 8.5 million people visit MEDSI clinics annually.

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