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Media professionals of the world gathered at the Global Video Media Forum

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Representatives of authoritative media from around the world called for increased cooperation to ensure the impartial and fair distribution of news, as well as to provide the world with reliable and fact-based news content. 

Such a call was made by world journalism professionals on February 3rd, at the 10th Global Video Media Forum (VMF), which was held in the format of a videoconference.

Hosted by CCTV+ International Video News Agency, the forum was dedicated to "Media cooperation, win-win future" and brought together 63 foreign delegates from 56 organizations in 42 countries and China Media Corporation (CMG) to discuss joint global media strategies. organizations.

CMG CEO and Editor-in-Chief Shen Haixiong delivered a welcoming speech at the forum, in which he exhaustively and clearly outlined the important role of media cooperation.

“Media is a link and a bridge that strengthens mutual understanding understanding and trust, and promotes people-to-people connections,” said Shen Haixiong.

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Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, CMG and international media partner warm greetings to each other, stressing responsibility and building consensus.

CMG hosted online media cooperation forums with Latin American and European partners, in which more than 120 international media executives were invited to attend. They called for justice for China and support for multilateralism.

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Shen Haixiong noted that, unfortunately, some media chose to turn a blind eye to the truth, ignore the voice of their own conscience and hold strong prejudices against China. Some of them even help to spread rumors and by their actions go against the principle of truthfulness of the news.

“We want to encourage our colleagues around the world to remain true to our mission and join forces to strongly defend the principle of fairness and objectivity in the dissemination news,” said the head of CMG.

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Teng Yunping, CEO of China Global Television Network (CGTN) and Director of CCTV+, noted that in the current global context, building a more comprehensive and inclusive global media -partnership is an important task to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between media organizations in China and other countries.

In ten years, the Global Video Media Forum has become an influential professional platform that brings together hundreds of media organizations from around the world. According to Teng Yunping, against the backdrop of the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, providing reliable news and authoritative information, as well as adhering to the facts, not only reflects the professional ability and level of the media, but also tests their social responsibility and conscience.

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Founded in 2010, The international video news agency CCTV+ has established cooperation relations with 540 media organizations from 140 countries and regions around the world, initiated the establishment of a media partnership mechanism in five regions such as Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Pacific Islands and countries along the Belt and Road ".

"We will continue to improve the level of cooperation with global media based on the principles of joint consultation, construction and use," said Teng Yunping.

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“We need to release reliable news. We have the ability to debunk lies, identify unreliable content, and promote honesty and accuracy—all important weapons in the fight against COVID-19. Partnership and collaboration are at the heart of good journalism. Of course, journalism is a competitive business, and our competitors are pushing each of us to achieve even greater success. But in important areas, we need to work together, not apart,” saidJohn Pullman, editor-in-chief of visual journalism at Reuters.

Noting that CCTV+ is a partner of Reuters Connect,< b>John Pullman pointed out that the Global Video Media Forum is just one example of media collaboration in action.

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Associated Press (AP) Global Director of Video Production Paul Shanley also praised the collaboration between AP and CCTV+ in his speech.

“Content partnerships, such as the excellent partnership between AP and CCTV+, allow us to provide our audiences with a wider choice of content than ever before without significant cost increases,” he stressed.

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European News Exchange (ENEX) Managing Director Adrian Welz Says Journalists Should Keep an International Perspective on the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, and expressed his readiness for closer collaboration between ENEX and CCTV+.

“Collaboration between CCTV+ and other media outlets is critical to answering some of these questions. We have learned many lessons from this pandemic. Without a doubt, when talking about the media, I hope our audience has remembered that good and reliable information, the exchange of content and ideas, and the use of technology to keep channels and minds open, are of great value, as we look to the future,” said Adrian Welz.

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“As media professionals, we have a responsibility to help the international community come together to overcome the pandemic. I hope this forum can help achieve that goal by sparking important conversations about collaboration and deepening our understanding of each other today and in the future,” said Matt Tabaccos, Chief Commercial Officer, Ruptly news agency.

On the sidelines of the forum, CCTV+ and Ruptly signed a cooperation agreement under the China Business Video program to deepen content interaction between Chinese and Russian media organizations, as well as increase the level of resource sharing and integration.

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Also during the forum, a joint declaration was produced by six partner alliances initiated and established by CCTV+, such as the Belt and Road News Alliance (BRNA), European Media Partners (EMP), Latin American Media Partners (SAL), African News Alliance (ALU), Pacific Island Media Partners (PIP) and an internal market-oriented alliance called News Exchange. In this document, representatives of the above associations called on the world media to strengthen mutual assistance and achieve mutually beneficial cooperation.

During the forum, the Blue Book on the global communication ecosystem (2020) was also released. Gao Wei, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of CCTV+, gave a presentation on the latest developments in global media development and the global communication model since 2019.

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The only participating TV company from Russia is the Big Asia TV channel.

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