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Mass vaccination of the population against coronavirus began in Kazakhstan

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In Nur-Sultan, as in all other regions of Kazakhstan, mass vaccination against coronavirus has started. Previously, only people from risk groups received vaccinations. 

The vaccine is now available to the entire population. Vaccination stations have been set up not only in polyclinics, family health centers, outpatient clinics, but even in shopping centers. If necessary, the city authorities are ready to open such points in hotels.

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According to the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, as of April 15, more than 500,000 people across the country have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine since the beginning of February.

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centers of Nur-Sultan is broken right on the site of the ice rink. Several tents were set up here, the territory was divided into zones, tables and chairs were set up for those waiting in line.

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Before you get the vaccine, you need to fill out a consent form for vaccination, measure temperature, blood pressure, and undergo an examination by a doctor. Each stage has its own queue. It is electronic and moves quickly.

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Vaccination against COVID-19 is provided free of charge. Doctors, nurses, receptionists and volunteers work in two shifts. There are many who wish to be vaccinated, most of them are of working age.

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“I decided to get vaccinated because I think it's the only way to protect myself. In the future, I think, in order to be able to travel, to live freely in general,” said Alexandra Fomicheva, a resident of Nur-Sultan.

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While everyone here receives the first component of the vaccine, and only through 3 weeks it will be possible to come for the second. Everyone is given a memo with the timing of re-vaccination and escorted to the waiting room, where they observe for half an hour. Anyone over 18 and even foreigners with a residence permit in Kazakhstan can be vaccinated.

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“I myself am from Belarus, the city of Bobruisk. Here I am at work and decided to get vaccinated, because I travel everywhere and I need it. And I am pleased that such a good place was made for vaccination. Totally insane, of course. I'm very happy. I love Kazakhstan in general,” said Larisa Igosheva, a citizen of Belarus.

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In order to reach as many people as possible with the vaccination campaign, Nur-Sultan increased the number of vaccination stations from 36 to 100 and also extended their hours of operation until 12 midnight. The polyclinics work in three shifts, including mobile teams. But each patient has special control.

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“How do they get 30 minutes medical examination under the supervision of a doctor, then, when it's all over, they go home, and we observe for 3 more days. We make calls for 3 days, give the doctor's number. If there are any changes, they will let you know. And within, for example, 4 hours, if the temperature is above 39, they call an ambulance,” said Maira Ryspayeva, an epidemiologist at city polyclinic No. 9 in Nur-Sultan.
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In general, there are 916 vaccination points in Kazakhstan, and about 10,000 doctors are involved in the immunization campaign. Until September, the country plans to provide access to vaccination to about 10 million people.

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