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Mass vaccination against COVID-19 started in Mongolia

23.02.2021 136 просмотров

Mongolia began vaccination of the population, the country's prime minister was the first to take root.

Mass vaccination of the population began on Tuesday in Mongolia, the first prime minister of the country Luvsannamsrein Oyuun-Erdene was vaccinated. This was reported by the MONTSAME agency.

“From today, mass vaccination of the population begins in the country. Prime MinisterLuvsannamsrein Oyuun-Erdene first in the country was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca) vaccine at the 2nd Central State Clinic,” the article says.

The message says that “during the vaccination, all citizens who starting at 16-18 years of age. It is also noted that the vaccination of children is not yet provided, "since this work is at the research stage."

According to MONTSAME, Mongolia plans to carry out large-scale immunization of about 2 million adults by July. In doing so, “employees who work in situations of increased risk of COVID-19 infection will be vaccinated first.”

The Mongolian government has already prepared storage facilities and specialized equipment needed to store imported vaccines. For universal vaccination of citizens, Mongolia will use four vaccines - the Russian "Sputnik V", the vaccine of the Chinese company Sinopharm ("Sinopharm"), the company Pfizer ("Pfizer"), and AstraZeneca.

According to official data from February 17 , the total number of infected in Mongolia reached 2,444, the population of the country is 3.3 million inhabitants.

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