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Marrying a rich bride is becoming fashionable in Uzbekistan

09.01.2019 145 просмотров

This is evidenced by a survey conducted by the Scientific and Practical Research Center "Oila".

According to the results of a sociological study, more than half of young people in the Republic (57%) would prefer to choose a girl from a wealthy family as a bride. The respondents explain their aspiration by the fact that in the future they would like to avoid material difficulties and rely on the support of the family of their future wife. Several hundred young men from several regions of the country took part in the survey. 

It must be said that choosing a bride is one of the main tasks in Uzbek wedding culture. It can take months or even years to find the right match. By tradition, the groom's family collects information about the future bride through relatives, friends and acquaintances. A lot of attention has always been paid to the well-being of the girl. Among the main criteria for choosing a wife have always been social status, level of education and upbringing, as well as the ability to run a household. 
Uzbek women will be able to induce beauty
< br> For centuries, all the costs of the wedding took the side of the groom. Recently, this tradition has undergone changes and today the costs are often distributed equally or by prior agreement. 

The main moment of the Uzbek wedding ceremony is the bride's transfer to the groom's house. The girl's parents symbolically mourn her and together with her send a dowry to her husband's house. It traditionally includes Uzbek mattresses (kurpachi), bed linen, kitchen utensils and everything necessary for housekeeping during the first period of family life.

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