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Maria Zakharova noted the special contribution of Russian compatriots

14.10.2021 128 просмотров

The Third Eurasian Women's Forum is taking place in St. Petersburg. The guest and speaker of the forum, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, told the Big Asia TV channel why it is important to hold such global conferences and what is the role of compatriots in consolidating the women's community.

“The most fantastic thing is that this forum was not just created and held once, but that it has become, it seems to me, an integral part of our life. And all this in some incredible conditions. At the beginning, as you remember, it was some kind of crazy idea of some world countries to isolate a certain part of the world in the form of the Russian Federation, and the forum became one of the answers to the question of whether this can be done. No, this cannot be done,” Maria Zakharova emphasized.

She also noted that the pandemic did not interfere with the dialogue of women around the world. Many forums were postponed or postponed, but the Eurasian Women's Forum was still able to be organized in person.

“This is an amazing thing. This is an opportunity for women from various fields of professional activity, [owners] of their creative abilities, to open up, meet interesting people, exchange experiences, establish contacts, the list goes on,” the diplomat said.

women from over a hundred countries. There are dozens of profile sections, as well as a cultural program, master classes, festivals, exhibitions. Today, women work and develop, if not all, then very many areas of professional and creative activity. Women from all over the world can discuss their achievements and difficulties, experience and new ideas at this forum. And most importantly, to find support and like-minded people to continue current work or launch new projects.

“The true message [of equality] is to show the achievements of a woman, to show where she needs more protection, where she needs support, and where she , on the contrary, she is ready to generate or provide this support - these are the tasks. They have been implemented on a global scale,” said Maria Zakharova.

Russian compatriots living abroad play a special role in consolidating the women's community. In part, they are a link between girls and women in Russia and other countries, but it is very important that their children receive an upbringing filled with love for their roots and their historical homeland - Russia.

“Compatriots make a special contribution, because they are raising children. And the way a woman, a mother (this is one of the examples, not the only one) raises her child, whether she initially instills in him knowledge, love, a special attitude towards the historical homeland or the homeland of his ancestors - this is the formation of a person, as far as he will be multilateral, as far as he knows his roots, as far as this nationalist or some kind of racist bacillus, which so many people are now exposed to, unfortunately, does not stick to him, ”said Maria Zakharova in an interview with the TV channel“ Big Asia.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry also said that modern television lacks programs that would show the good side of a person, emphasizing his important and necessary qualities. “Today (October 13 - ed. note) we talked about this at a panel related to the role of women in the media. Zhanna Agalakova said this, emphasizing that there are so many topics that it would be great to discuss on television, unfortunately, are being replaced by other programs. But we don't give up,” she said.

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