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Malaysian women send home breast milk

16.05.2020 168 просмотров

Malaysian migrants working in the city-state of Singapore feed their babies from a distance.

Caught off guard by the coronavirus epidemic, women were unable to return home as Malaysia locked up its borders, saving neighbors from a dangerous infection that is rapidly spreading in this state.

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of the future," says breastfeeding mother Jazerel C. "COVID-19 is a dangerous infection. If I go home, I can bring it with me."   

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from the pandemic than himself. And mothers, separated from their young children on the other side of the checkpoint, have found an ingenious way to continue breastfeeding. They express breast milk, then freeze it and by joint efforts, since the parcel costs quite a lot at their expense, they send the thermal container to their homeland.

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The girls come from the Malaysian border town of Johor Bahru, separated from Singapore only a strait through which a kilometer-long dam bridge was built. Before the epidemic, about 60 thousand cars passed through the overpass in one day in both directions, but now the road is closed. 

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Of course, there is always the opportunity to go home, but it is unlikely that you will be able to return to the abandoned workplace. So the new mothers are holding on, earning a living for themselves and their children. 

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