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Malaysian students to return to full-time education

08.03.2021 42 просмотров

Schools have resumed in Malaysia after a six-month hiatus.

Malaysian primary school students, after a six-month hiatus due to restrictions due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, resumed face-to-face education on Monday. According to The Star newspaper, about 1.8 million children have returned to school.

According to Senior Minister of Education Mohd Radzi Jidin, “secondary school classes will start on April 4 or 5 , the exact date will be determined by the authorities of each state. The official also pointed out that “during March, primary school students will be able to get used to the new requirements that are introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

According to the order of the Ministry of Education, groups of volunteers, including from parents, will be on duty in educational institutions , which will monitor compliance with epidemic requirements.

Since March 5, the Malaysian authorities have completely lifted the so-called movement restriction regime, which continued to operate in the capital and individual states. These measures were introduced throughout the country on January 22. Over the past few days, local doctors have noted a slowdown in the daily increase in new coronavirus infections.

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