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Malaysia passes COVID-19 misinformation law

12.03.2021 95 просмотров

Malaysia has passed a law to combat the spread of rumors about the coronavirus pandemic.

The Malaysian authorities have adopted a law to combat the spread of rumors and false information about the fight against coronavirus, as well as restrictive measures introduced by the government. This is stated in a report published on Thursday by the Federal Government Gazette.

“Distributors of false information who intend to cause fear or anxiety in society face a fine of 100 thousand ringgit (24.3 thousand dollars) , imprisonment for up to three years, or both,” the official publication says.

In addition, “the judiciary may require the perpetrators to apologize, failure to comply may result in an additional fine of 50 thousand ringgit (12.2 thousand dollars) or imprisonment for up to one year,” the document states.

The law comes into force on March 12.

The Supreme Ruler of Malaysia Abdullah Riayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah announced a state of emergency in the country in mid-January due to the spread of the coronavirus. This regime, which will last until August 1, affects the political life of the country. In particular, the activities of the parliament are suspended, most issues are taken by the government independently. In this regard, the cabinet was able to independently pass this law, bypassing the consideration in the legislature.

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