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Malaysia has vaccinated over 90% of adults

11.10.2021 109 просмотров

Malaysia has reached its target of vaccinating 90% of its adult population.

The number of fully vaccinated people over the age of 18 in Malaysia has surpassed 90%, a milestone previously set by the government to lift many social restrictions and transition to so-called life with COVID-19. The data was tweeted on Monday by the Task Force on Access to Vaccine Supplies.

“Over 21.31 million adults in the country, or more than 90%, received both doses of the vaccine as of October 10,” the report reads. message. At the same time, "almost 95% of them took at least the first dose," the department specified.

Meanwhile, on September 20, vaccination of adolescents from 12 years of age started in the country. According to forecasts by the Ministry of Health, by the beginning of next year, about 80% of adolescents should receive both doses of the vaccine.

Malaysian authorities lifted restrictions on travel around the country that had lasted since January, but so far only for those who are fully vaccinated. In addition, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yacob allowed residents to travel abroad, but after returning they will need to be in quarantine for two weeks. Previously, residents could leave the country only in case of urgent need, including for work or study. The head of government also said that while the borders of the state remain closed to foreigners, with the exception of official visits or business missions. However, the next step, as promised by Ismail Sabri Yacob, will be the gradual lifting of restrictions on entry from certain countries.

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