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Malaysia gradually lifts covid restrictions for vaccinated residents

10.09.2021 106 просмотров

Malaysian authorities have begun lifting restrictions in the most densely populated areas of the country.

The Malaysian authorities on Friday began to partially lift restrictions in the capital and political center of the country for fully vaccinated residents. This is stated in the order of the Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yacob, published on the website of the government.

the second (out of four - TASS note) phase of socio-economic recovery begins, ”said the head of government. “Starting from September 10, fully vaccinated residents will be able to move freely within this area, visit tourist sites,” the prime minister emphasized. In addition, those who received the vaccine will be able to visit cafes, restaurants, gyms.

According to the Ministry of Health, almost 98% of the residents of these areas, which are the most densely populated in the country, received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

In early June, the country's government was forced to impose severe restrictions due to a sharp increase in the number of infected people. Subsequently, a plan was developed for a phased exit from the lockdown, which takes into account the level of vaccination of the local population, the total number of people infected with coronavirus, as well as the occupancy of intensive care units. To date, the fourth phase of its implementation has begun only in the federal territory of Labuan, the first phase is being maintained in the states of Johor and Kedah. The Ministry of Health on Thursday announced that more than half of all residents of the country are fully vaccinated.

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